Thursday, 29 March 2012

Gaetan's DSPOKE

The latest from DSPOKE

The Brunswick Eastside GT

My friend Nick came over to mine for a brew (that's a mug of tea if you're from south of Watford gap) one Saturday afternoon telling me a colleague from his daytime job Gatean (yeah that's French by the way ) really needed a new bike as his old trusty steed was on it's last legs.He mentioned to Gaetan how he could have a new bike designed & built to his own specification, so after making first contact with Gaetan & then a few emails to find out his required tastes & budget.
The first stage was to find out the correct size frame from the measurements Gaetan had given me, height & inside legs measurement ooh suits you sir!!!!! Then the decision of picking out a colour scheme was next from the my colour charts I have available, then after going over some design options & then it was just a case of transferring his ideas before sending Gaetan a couple of draft pictures of different designs & looks. Green & Black was the final choice.
A mistletoe green powdercoat finish to be exact with black wheels & black parts, he didn't want my standard 42 mm deep v  wheels I use on my other bikes in the DSPOKE range so 30mm black rims were chosen instead.
A classic look rather than street was the call from Gaetan. After sourcing a great looking 50cm frame set yeah you heard right 50cm Gaetan wasn't the tallest guy in Melbourne so this would be my smallest design & build yet to date.
But like they say good things come in small packages.

I took the frame & forks to my local powdercoaters & starting sourcing all the parts from local suppliers whilst waiting for the paint shop to complete there magic.
The whole time I had kept Gaetan up to date with progress of works so he always was kept informed to when he would be able to collect his new ride.
After picking up the newly painted frameset from the shop it was time to start installing all the newly sourced parts & the build was now in progress, then when the build was completed it was just a case of road test & making any necessary adjustments to make sure everything was perfectly tune & aligned.

Anyway I've posted some pictures of the finished product below to be honest I stood back when Gaetan first picked out his colour, how wrong I so was it looks amazing so please welcome my latest edition from the DSPOKE workshop.

The DSPOKE Eastside GT.

As built by me, test ridden by Nick & now loved by Gaetan.

Safe & happy riding Gaetan.