Saturday, 31 May 2014

My last Roobaix?

29th June 2014 is an important day on the DSPOKE calendar

It's The 2014 Melburn Roobaix & sorry to say my last whilst living in this great city

The whole DSPOKE family are relocating to New Zealand

Will this stop me from taking part in 2015?

Hopefully not I've travelled the otherside of the hemisphere with one of my bikes, so a 4 hour hop over to the tasmin shouldn't be a problem

This will be my 4th Roobaix now & every year it's got bigger & better. For the last 4 years Nick has been an awesome & great wingman , I can tell you we've seen & experienced all the fun, fall offs, fancy dressed & fucked muscles whilst riding 40km with 2000 other cyclists on bikes all shapes & sizes, tandems,cyclocross,hire bikes, fixies, unicycles, MTB, road, Saturday night specials the list just goes on.

Add the 13 cobbled sections with as many coffee,beer & brunch stops as you can muster & you've got an awesome day out on a bike.

A race it ain't., but great memories for sure

Every year myself & Nick head home to a wonderful roast dinner cooked by the Mrs, we were running on empty, both hurting, lost our power of speech but we still managed to smile every time we thought back what we had just done & think about the last 6hours of madness. 

Anyway I'm not gonna harp on just grab your 2 wheels & get your ass registered for next year 

I'll see you there 

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